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Friday, September 3, 2010

Stranger By The Day

love dis song damn much

Snow is falling from the sky - in the middle of July
Sun was shining in my eyes again last night
Alarm goes off without a sound - the silence is so loud
Something isn't right

Footsteps echo down the hall - no one's there at all
Dial your number but your voice says "I'm not home"
Everything is inside out - I don't know what it's about

It keeps getting stranger by the day
Stranger by the day
It keeps getting stranger by the day
Stranger by the day

Going for a walk outside - to see what I can find
No reflections in the windows I pass by
It feels hotter in the shade - water runs up from the drain
Something's going on

Conversations with a mime - stared at by the blind
Imagination must be working overtime
The world is upside down - everything is turned around

By the time I reach your door - I can't take anymore
I just happened to be in your neighborhood
I'm the one who gets surprised - I don't believe my eyes
Your alibi's no good

Whatever happened to the world
Whatever happened to the girl I thought I knew
It just can't be true - I guess I'm losing you 

kadang kala kita tidak sedar kita semakin menjauh hingga bila kita sedar kita sendiri, seorang, tak ada teman dan waktu itu baru kita sedar yang orang yang selalu ada dengan kita kini pergi. 

orang yang kita sayang sanggup mengorbankan apa saja demi kita
asalkan kita bahagia meski bahagia itu bukan bersama dia


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