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Friday, July 1, 2011

Please, don't get me wrong

" I Love You "

It's not about how much that things will cost you but the value of it. The value here means, sentimental value. Why i want to keep the resit, because of the sentimental value. I don't want you money. It's not important for me. What i want is you. Only you. Please sayang, don't get me wrong. Don't misunderstanding me. Ummmm. :'( I love you. So much. And i love you because of who you are. Not other things. I hope you understands me. Cause after that situation, when i ask you for that things, u look different and it's scary me. If i am wrong, please tell me. Don't hide anything from me.

I love you sayang....


I don't want to cry...but i don't know why i am crying. Maybe i am afraid to loosing you... 

Take care sayang.


2 orang mendoakan:

senyumSOYA said...

love is emotions~ take care of ur love..(^^!

mellyana sara said...

i'll. tq dear. ;)

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