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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thanks Girls And My Beloved Adik!

Yesterday i were so down cause of my mathematics's result.
It is so bad! Seriously. 
Compare to my other friends, got a six sense that I will repeat this paper
But, hope it will not happend. *really hope*

yesterday also, we just finished our 2 presentation, actually 3 or the whole week.
Radio play entitled as - Falling In Love At The Coffee Shop and I be the heroin of the story. Just a voice and don't have to do any action but still hard for me. My voice didn't show the feelings at all. 
2nd, Critical Thinking entitles as - English in Ou Future Life. We had to present the advantages and disadvantages of using english in our daily life. And my part the easier one, reason why we choosed this title. :) Thanks guy for giving me this part. 
Lastly, an economy presentation entitled as , Comparisons Between Vietnam and Russia.
This part, I am the leader of my group. We had discuss this topic 3 weeks ago and today the presentation day.
Last 3 weeks, was terrible week. With 3 test for the whole week, preparation for economy report and i was down at that moment cause of him. But alhamdulillah. I can manage it even not very well. 

Yesterday, we celebrating the day. Hahaha! It's only we has finished all that kind of stuf but seriously, rasa bebas sangat! So, wanna know what we done yesterday?

*winncy and reva*

*me and my baby*

* Ariff Masrom *

* Xenbi - she cute. Trust me. *

We breaking fast a Sushi King. Oh, i cannot move to Japan. Need to list others university.  Loya kot semalam! Seriously, i cannot eat japanese food. Oh ho~ The soup, make me feningfening lalat. The telur kukus, oh ho, loya tekak... Sorry girls.... No next time for Sushi King. I can eat only the sushi. After finished our dinner, we planned to go to funfair! And it was really fun! :) Thanks again for make my day.

We had played a game. I don't know the name but i was really fun. We play all 6 together and bet who can win the big prizes. So, this is the prize. :)

* picture is not so clear. sorry eh. *

Then before we go home we snap another picture. :)

* Our's. hahahaha! *

So, thats all for today. Thanks for reading. Please ignore the grammatically error. I am not good in english, but I will improve it. :) Thanks for my besties. Love you all so much! Hope we can gath together again.

p/s : I missed him. Damn much. :')

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