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Sunday, July 18, 2010

miss my MR.VAMPIRE

for those knowing me since last year
they will know about this Mr.Vampire
he is someone special for me
not mr.hubby~
but someone else~
more than a friend nearly to be a lover~ 

this morning i received a sms from him
he told me that he was dreaming about me
im quite shock~! 
why me~?

i asked him
did u noe bout my sadness dis lately
and he said nope!
then how come...u were dreaming bout me..
he just keeps smile like usual~

he told always beside you...
and i noe he really meant it~

after my lunch..
i received a sms again from him..
he said...

"U gotta to be extra carefull with things nearest to u.U know the closer u get tp something..The tougher it is to see it.."

im just reply ---> :)

then he said...

"Let it out.The sadness,fear and anger that's building up inside of u.That the first step. :)"

thanks...a lot...only you can realize the sadness inside of me...u always tears make u powerless.. :) 

the moon is still there even when i close my eyes i still can see it...with my heart...u r my best buddy~ 

2 orang mendoakan:

Fakhrur Razi said...

mcm vampire btol2 jer kawe kau nih
msg der pun misteri abih xD

Camellia said...

die memang a part of the vampire. :)

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