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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

: Dear - Yes. I love you.

Firstly, i would like to say sorry for those who keep reminding me 

- Your lover is not loyal 
- Your lover is a player
- Your lover such a kasanova
- etc

Actually, it doesn't matters with me. If he want to play around, sure. Go on. If he want to be a player, it's oke with me. Seriously, i will not getting mad. Never. I learned from my past. We can't trust others 100%. Don't do that. Otherwise, in the end, you will regrets. :) This is base on my experience. 

Yeah. My lover is not a romantics guy, he is not the one who will keeps smses you, calling you, 3g's with you. He's not the one. :) As i know, he will MIA for a days then come back for a days then MIA again. :)

So, for whose think that I'm wrong for chosen he as my BF, u are wrong. Oh, 1 thing. :) Don't worry, if something happen between us, i will not go for you and cries for a months. Never. :) I'll not troubling you as u thought. Don't worry. Oh, and i wrote this not because i'm afraid with you but i'm still respecting you. :)

So, thats all for today. Thanks for reading ya. :)

P/s : x tau nape type omputih. Maybe emosi terlebey kot. :)

2 orang mendoakan:

cacing said...

setia pada yang satu. jgn dengar apa kata orang. jika benar dia begitu, maka ALlah akan tunjukkan kebenarannya. Allah itu maha adil dan dia akan sentiasa bersama orang teraniaya..

mellyana sara said...

:) yerps. Just wat she doing is too much. :) seyesly cam x leh terima.

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