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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Time Table - Yeah!

So, today i just picked up my time table at Students Center for my course. Huh~ All Chinese students and only my brother and me are Malay. 

So, after queue around 5 minutes, it was my turn. Demm~ I didn't notice what class i'am. So i had to go back to the board and checked my name again. Ok. I'm in class 2. So i had to queue again. Huhu~

This is my timetable. Click on the pict for better view. 

Do you see on my Tuesday class. Very pack right? Haish. All subjects in 1 day. Can you imagine? And i will have a tutorial class for Introduction for Sociology then a lectures class for the same subject. But it's ok. Challenging me. Hahahaha! 

I just can't wait for my Principles of Economics. Even i'm not good in economy but it's my favorite subject. :)

So - lets prepare for mentally and physically. Good luck Malia!

p/s : Thanks for reading. hahahah! i know my english so bad but i dont care! :) practice make perfect right?  

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